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Nippon-ink Inkjet Cartridge | Ink Cartridge | Refill ink | Laser Toner | Drums
 Nippon-ink Inkjet Cartridge | Ink Cartridge | Refill ink | Laser Toner | Drums Advanced Search
  Nippon-ink Inkjet Cartridge & Ink Cartridge for use on Brother, Canon, Epson Printer Dell, HP, Lexmark, Samsung etc. Laser Toner & Drums As Well As Remanufactured Laser Toners for S
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Nippon-ink Web Membership Terms & Conditions

  1. All interested members must register through the net and forward all relevant true and accurate information required on the stated field column before submitting.
  2. Once confirmed by the Management and given an access password as official members, you are entitles 10% discount on all Nippon-ink Inkjet Cartridges purchase through the net.
  3. Those purchase from "Online Shop Singapore" will not be entitle and no discount given i.e. base on normal retail price show on the net.
  4. All registered member shall be given the password to access upon confirmation.
  5. All membership with Nippon-ink shall enjoy and entitle as follow:
  6. Category

    Discount Given

    Terms & Conditions

    Classic Member


    New & Current Member, below $800 purchase.

    Gold Member


    Net Total Purchase above $800 per year

    Platinum Member


    Net Total Purchase above $1,500 per year.

  7. All registered member will entitle Free Delivery within Singapore for any single purchase above $80 under one delivery within 3 working days upon confirmation.
  8. Strictly for membership purchase only Company will absorb the 7% GST purchase on their behalf through the net purchase directly with Nippon-ink cartridges only.
  9. All the products, price, technology, logo, brand, design, patent and picture belong to the respective owners in charge that subject to changes without priority notice.
  10. The Management reserve the rights to alter, change, amend, modify, substitute, replace, remove, delete, add on and/or minus any products at their discretion and decision without any priority notice given in advance.
  11. The Management decision is final without any further claim and/or challenge on dispute if any.
  12. All products purchase shall entitle limited warranty of 12 months from the date of purchase.
  13. In case of any manufacturing defects on the products the company shall replace with new similar items as compensation or equivalent amount of the items been purchased.
  14. All registered member will receive information on Nippon-inks development and/or company products through email unless otherwise unsubscribe and/or inform us in writing of their intention.
  15. Any registered member who is inactive for a period of 2 years, either from the date of registration and/or last purchased transaction done through the net, will be automatically remove, archive and consider as de-registered unless otherwise inform us in writing on their intention.
  16. Termination Member need to write in to state their intention to terminate the service or intention as not to carry on as member in this group.
  17. All membership shall be automatically carried forward unless the company receives their intention to be terminated and/or the above clause (14) stated.
  18. In case of any dispute the final settlement shall base on Republic of Singapore Laws.
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All Brand Name, Logo, Trademark, Part Number, Picture, Design, Patent, Copyright and Technology belong to the respective owners in charge. It use for descriptive, illustrative, comparative and explanation purpose only. All respective brands of empty cartridges are recycled, reuse and/or remanufacture by either End-User (DIY) or through Third Parties. Nippon-ink provides the Ink solution only. This is not a genuine Original cartridges and it does not belong to any brands like Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson, HP, Lexmark, Minolta, Ricoh, Panasonic, Samsung and Xerox etc. Nippon-ink and G-Cap is not related, associated, affiliated nor supported and/or endorsed by any of the brand names specify above. All other Rights reserved.